National Day of Prayer – May 2, 2019

Do you know the essence of the day today? Well, today is May 2 – the first Thursday of the month of May. So, what is so special about it? If you are not aware – the day is celebrated as the National Day of Prayer. Of course, it isn’t a national holiday in the US. However, the day comes with its own significance and comes with a huge history backing it up.
National Day of prayer

What is National Day of Prayer?

The National Day of Prayer is held as a day of national religious observance where all the nationals of the United States are welcomed to pray to God and thank Him for all the good things that have been ushered in on us.
The President releases the presidential proclamation in commemoration of the day and guides the residents towards a life of religious harmony. Millions of people from across 50 states of the United States join together in the churches, business houses, schools and a host of other places in prayer for the people of America.

How did the observance start?

The first instance of the National Day of Prayer in the US began in the year 1775. It was begun when Congress began the daily prayer when they were forming the nation from scratch. It was the beginning and since then the governments have always asked the nationals to pray for the nation whenever they felt the nation is at threat due to wars or other hardships.

National day of prayer
However, the day came into being in 1952 in the real sense of the word when the Congress formed it as law. However, the year 1988 saw the day being fixed on the first Thursday of the month of May as the national day of prayer. The Legal Information Institute states that the president needs to issue a proclamation, whereby he designates the first Thursday of the month of May as the National day of prayer. The proclamation welcomes the people of US to turn to God in prayer and meditation to God.
Prayers are held in churches, groups and individuals to commemorate the National day of Prayer. Around 40000 different prayer meetings are held around the nation and millions of Americans take part in the prayers and meditation.
Take part in the celebrations and events to spread awareness of the day and share the best feelings of the day of the prayer through social media. Share your messages using the hashtag #NationalDayofPrayer.

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