National Hardware Show 2019 – The Best Opportunity to showcase Your Products

Are you in the hardware industry? Perhaps, this should be an excellent opportunity for you to take part in the event and meet face to face with the big names and the professionals from your industry. Yes, we are talking about the National Hardware Show, 2019 which is currently underway in Las Vegas.

National hardware show

What is National Hardware Show 2019?

Well, that should not ideally take a whole lot of efforts to understand the concept of Hardware show. It is essentially an excellent option for the face to face meeting with the professionals and experts in the arena of hardware industries from across the globe. In fact, it has been considered to be the backbone and support for the US Home Improvement and DIY market estimated to be worthy of $ 347 billion per year.
Boasting of a rich history of more than 70 years, the event has been taking place in Las Vegas and has been one of the most promoted shows in the realm of hardware industries. Aimed at improving the quality of life and living standard of the Americans, it should be an excellent opportunity to showcase your own products to the world at large.

What can you expect at the event?

The show expects over 2800 or close to 3000 exhibitors accompanied with over 29000 professionals from varied industries in the Hardware industries sector. The international standard of the show is quite evident from the fact that the event is attended by a majority of overseas exhibitors. Last year’s show witnessed the participation of the exhibitors from across the world that included the representatives from Canada, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Australia, Japan, UK, India, Hong Kong and Germany. This in itself goes a long way in proving the importance and the name that the show carries in the international scenario. In fact, it draws attention from several members from across the world in the arena of hardware and home improvement industry.

National Hardware Show
If you happen to belong to any of the home improvement industry or have an interest- either business or personal- in the hardware industry at large, it should be the best you can check out. So, don’t wait any longer. Visit the show at the LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER, Las Vegas today. The event lasts only three days between May 7 to 9, 2019. You will definitely be in for a treat with respect to the enhancement to your career, business or even your interest.
Move ahead and join the bandwagon of the thousands of other users who have benefitted from the National Hardware Show every year.

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