National Mother Goose day – May 1

Do you remember those good old days when you were a kid and your days started and ended with nursery rhymes? Ever wanted to honour the creators of those memories and those nursery rhymes? Well, there are several people who agree with you and that explains the celebration of May 1 as the National Mother Goose Day every year.

Who started the National Mother Goose Day?

Well, the day remembers the Mother Goose – the unknown author of the initial nursery rhymes and stories. The Mother Goose is depicted in various forms and styles. Some illustrations show her as an elderly country woman, while some others show her like a goose wearing a bonnet.
National Mother Goose day
The nursery rhymes have been instrumental in our life. They have had helped us shape the culture and have always assisted us in shaping our behaviour. These rhymes have let us understand the value of good behaviour. They helped us develop moral outrightness and made us what we are today. So, having an opportunity to pay back them back – the unknown authors – should be something we would cherish forever.
But who started the tradition of celebrating National Mother Goose Day? Well, the person attributed with the honour of beginning this wonderful concept of honouring the ubiquitous Mother Goose is none other than Gloria T. Delamar. She published her book, Mother Goose; From Nursery to Literature. She brought in the concept and first launched the National Mother Goose Day in 1987. The day was specifically designed to appreciate the nursery rhymes and stories.

How to celebrate National Mother Goose Day?

Well, if you have really loved your younger days, you would need no introduction on how to celebrate Mother Goose Day. Just get back to the old days and get nostalgic. Read those wonderful stories and rhymes you had heard or read in your formative years and spread awareness about them. If you have kids at home, introduce them to the glorious world of the nursery rhymes and stories.
National Mother Goose Day
If you are in a teaching profession, it should be one of the best options you would go with. Make your students understand the read those rhymes and stories. You can even encourage your students to spread awareness further ahead. The world is moving towards social media and this is exactly what you can make use of to spread awareness about the National Mother Goose Day.
Share your thoughts and move ahead with the awareness about the day through the hashtag #NationalMotherGooseday2019.

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