National Weatherpersons Day – February 5, 2019

Weather forecasting is one of the most important aspects with a greater bearing on what you plan for the day. Whether you are a farmer or an agriculturist, or common man – the forecast of the weather is an important aspect that occupies an important space in your life. That is why it is so important to honor all those involved in the field of meteorology and weather forecasting. The National Weatherpersons’ Day is celebrated on February 5 every year and also known as National Weatherman’s Day. The day also recognizes the efforts of volunteer storm spotters and observers in the realm.

National Weathrperons’ Day – How did it Start?

Well, the day is celebrated on the birth anniversary of John Jeffries. A scientist and surgeon, he has been treated as the first weather observer in America. He has recorded the weather details from 17774 to 1816.

National Weatherpersons day
Those who toil in the field of weather forecasting toil hard to predict the accurate forecast and report and this should be one of the hardest ever tasks as the weather is one of those elements of nature that is both constantly changing and unpredictable. There is no recorded history on when this honourary day was started.

What is the significance of National Weatherpersons’ Day?

This is a day that commemorates the science of meteorology. In fact, it should be an occasion to thank the people involved in the weather forecasting and study. This can encourage them further. In fact, some of them risk their lives when indulging in their duty of safeguarding you from the obnoxious weather.
How will you celebrate it? Well, there are a few salient ways that you can celebrate the National Weatherperson’s Day and honor the weathermen and all those including volunteers, observers and storm chasers alike. If you know a meteorologist, thank him or her for what they have been doing for us. You can also encourage your children or the other kids in your vicinity to take up a career in weather forecasting. Yet another excellent option is to visit a weather museum or a planetarium.
Whatever you do on this day, share the tidbits throughout the world using the hashtag #NationalWeatherpersonsDay to spread awareness of the day throughout the world.

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