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New Emojis Added to the List in iOS and Android on 17th July- The World Emoji Day

Apple has revealed many new emojis for the year 2019 on World Emoji Day i.e. 17th July 2019. The emojis so revealed have been approved earlier by Unicode Consortium. These additions shall be available to the users soon in the very next update.

In a press release, Apple says these are coming ‘this fall’. So we can expect it in upcoming iOS 13.1 version if the trend continues by October. Of course, there might be changes from now.

Google, on the other hand, has also promised for many new emojis in addition to those released by Apple in Android devices.

Also, many emojis didn’t have an option to chose the color, for instance, shake hand emoji was available in default in yellow color only. So now with this update, you will be able to change the skin color as you want for many emojis.

Also, for two people holding hands, there are around 75 combinations of choosing gender and color. The new smileys include- animals, clothing, food, and disabilities of a person. Some being a guide dog, sloth, flamingo, sari, life-jacket, waffles, ginger, butter, a deaf ear with the hearing aid, a person on wheel-chair, a person with a white cane and many more.

The voting is still on for Most Anticipated Emoji of 2019 on twitter.

The award for most popular New Emoji out of 230 nominees was given to “Smiling Face with Hearts”. The award was announced at National Museum of Cinema in Turin, Italy. This smiley was followed by Pleading Face, Woozy Face, Overheated Face, Partying Face and Freezing face. The graph is as follows:

The Emojipedia editor in Chief tweets, “The reason face emojis are the most popular, is likely because “people want to see themselves or their emotions reflected in the emojis they use”.

So, awaited is the iOS version update for 2019 with all the new small digital symbols. Emojis have become an integral part of the way it expresses the emotions simply in signs.

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