New employment law in New Jersey helps contractors against discrimination

Are you a freelancer working in New Jersey? In case you are working in New Jersey and have been experiencing issues like employment discrimination, knowing the laws under which you are protected may help you fight it efficiently.

New Jersey has several stringent laws that govern discrimination against employees. Civil Rights works Act makes it a punishable offense to discriminate based on sex, creed, caste, gender, religion, or any other similar barriers. However, that may not mean all the workers and employees are protected the way they should be. That should perhaps explain the passage of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD). The law takes into account a broader context when it comes to taking care of the workers and employees. The law has provided options for enhanced protection for the freelancer workers who were not adequately protected under the previous generations of laws.

How does it protect you? You can get a better idea by getting in touch with a good employment attorney Newark NJ.

How does the law protect freelancers?

Most of the US employee cover employees, while freelancers are termed, independent contractors. While almost 14 percent of the US employees are considered to belong to the freelancer category, there have been no stringent laws protecting them.

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination protects the freelancers to a better extent. The law covers a range of independent contractors and freelancers. Of course, it is akin to most of the federal laws, but still, it broadens its range to include the certain sections of the independent contractors. One of the areas that can be helpful enough would be to register yourself as a business consultant than an independent contractor. Since business consultants are treated at par with the employees, it may be a good idea to gain protection from discriminations.

Get in touch with your favorite law experts, and make sure that you stay protected against the discrimination.

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