New Feature Of Instagram Lets You Restrict Online Bullies From Your Profile

To make Instagram a safe and peaceful place, Adam Mosseri who is the head of Instagram is soon introducing a new feature that will help you get rid of the online bullies. This includes all the people leaving unpleasant comments on your posts, or the people who message you constantly whenever they see you online. Instagram’s latest feature blocks certain activities of a particular person from your profile and they will not even get notified about this.

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According to the Instagram Head, When you use the block option to restrict a person from your post, it is a fair chance that they soon realize it. And when you have to deal with them in person then it could create a worse situation for you. Because a real-life bully is more threatening than an online bully.

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So instead of blocking them, you could control some of their actions on your profile. You could restrict them from seeing your online status, commenting on your post, or checking if you have seen their message or not. Adam said that they are working on this project for a long time and they wanted to create a feature that will ‘shadowban’ a person without notifying them.

The company is using the Artificial Intelligence technique to detect harmful posts or comments. They are also introducing a feature which tells you whether your comment is offensive or not and if the app thinks that the comment may contain some offensive words, then the software will ask you to rethink posting that.

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