New Spider-Man : Far From Home Trailer will have a spoiler warning for Avengers Endgame

We all know about the MCU’s Peter Parker that it’s impossible to shut him up when he starts speaking and in between, he spoils some of the biggest secrets. The same happened with both the Spider-Man movies revealing the movie titles and then revealing some of the key sequences of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame during the press tours.

With Avengers Endgame on the current run its important to be far from spoilers when you have not watched the movie so Marvel decided to give out a small warning before the trailer starts to save viewers from spoilers.

As Far From Home is set in the universe after Endgame and Endgame left us with no clue what’s going to happen next so it’s our best shot to know what is going to happen now when world has recovered from the apocalypse and believe me you don’t want to know any of this if you haven’t watched the Endgame still.

Far From Home tells the story of Peter Parker and his friends Ned and MJ who went on a Europe Vacation just to get away from a superhero for a time being and this plan gets scrapped when SHIELD director Nick Fury hijacks Peters vacation to help him uncover few mysteries.

The irony is that Tom Holland himself will warn you against spoilers himself.

Spider-Man Far From Home will be releasing on July 5th worldwide