Niall Horan Reacts On Dating Rumors With Selena Gomez

The dating rumors of Niall Horan And Selena Gomez are again in the news and Niall has finally reacted to it. After being seen together in October fans were speculating that the two of them have started dating each other but unfortunately it was just a rumor and the reality is Niall is currently single and not dating anyone as confirmed by the star himself.

Niall Horan confirmed in a radio interview in October when he was being asked about dating Selena Gomez, he said, “We’re friends. We have the same group of friends. We hang out all the time. The one photo that was ever taken got posted. We are good friends.”

Photo Credits: PopBuzz

Horan explained, “I’m focusing on the job at the minute, but I mean, it’s not like you ever go out of the way to properly look for it [a girlfriend],” he said. “If it comes to you, it comes to you. And if something falls in your way or you meet someone or whatever, then fair enough, but yes, maybe, then you just kind of see what happens.”

The picture that surfaced the internet also hinted towards upcoming duet. He was also asked about any upcoming duet with the star, to which he said, “No collaborations as of yet. I know she’s been doing some music too. We were just out for dinner.”

The two were also rumored to be dating in 2015 but it was not confirmed by any of them. However, Selena was seen friend-zoning him during a red carpet interview.