Niantec Adds New Legendary Pokemon Go Quitely

Niantic has recently added the Legendary Pokémon to the game. Some players and service providers found and even successfully caught Legendary Pokémon Azelf in the Wild. Azelf, if you are unaware of, is the third of the Lake Guardian Trio. It was one of the first Pokémon to appear in the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

Pokémon Go has confirmed the addition of Pokemon Azelf. It has also confirmed that Azelf along with other companions Uxie and Mesprit are appearing on the game in the wild. In fact, a few gamers have already found Uxie in the wilds in Asia.

This should come as huge news for the gamers out there as this should be the first time that the Legendary Pokémon can be caught in the wild while playing the game. Traditionally, the game needed you to catch them only after beating them in a Battle of Raid. Another way it can be achieved would be to make a Research breakthrough. This can be achieved by completing the Field Research on seven days.

However, there is no information currently available on until what period these Legendary Pokémon will be available. We also do not have any information on whether these legendary Pokémon will form part of the regional options.

You may check out the list of all the legendary Pokémon and information on how to catch them here.

The spawn rate of this new Pokémon is not yet been made available. A huge number of players have reported that they have encountered this new Legendary Pokémon in the wild and thus have come out as a proof for the announcement made by Niantic. There is no word on whether these new entrants in the wild will be available on a permanent basis or have been here on a temporary basis.

The exact data should be available in the days to come. If you are die hard Pokémon Go fan and looking to check out the new Legendary Pokémon, it may be advisable to check out Pokémon Go Promo Codes for an enhanced experience, if you are stuck somewhere in the middle. Once the exact data is available from users from around the world about the exact status of the legendary Pokémon. As soon as we get any inputs into the nuances of launching the Generation 4 Legendary Pokémon directly from Pokémon Go or through the   Pokémon players from around the world.

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