Nike decides to close down Day Care – Employees unhappy

Nike and its headquarters have been quite synonymous with the concept of a perfect work-life balance. Of all the employee benefit schemes available at the Nike headquarters at Beaverton, the most noteworthy is Nike Child Development Program, also referred to as NCDP.

This is the subsidised on-site day care centre that helps out the parents who are working with Nike. This is one of the unique programs and has been in place since 1990. What makes it one of the best options is it is on site and thus do not need any sort of an extra transport requirements. The working can visit their kids while on their duties. Employees at the Nike believe that this is one of the best options to work with.
However, Nike is now considering closing down the NCDP. In fact, the service is not being closed down in its entirety, but being converted into an off campus site. The new Day Care centre will now be handled by the partner – Endeavor Schools. Of course, this comes with a competitive pricing. Nike has stated that it will continue to oversee the arrangement though. While the move is designed with a view to accommodate more Nike families, it has invited angry reactions from the employees.
The employee backlash has resulted in a signature drive that already has over 1300 signatures. Most of the employees have chosen to remain anonymous though, perhaps not wanting to invite ire from the company. The employees want the NCDP to remain on campus and run by Nike.

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