Nintendo- a Smaller Handheld Play Device for just $200 coming on September 20

For all the travellers out there, now you can simply carry your gaming set along. The upcoming Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld gaming device which is portable enough to be carried like a mobile phone in your pocket.

This seems to be only released for this holiday. The new Nintendo has come in three colours- grey, yellow and turquoise. The best part is it is $100 cheaper than the existing Nintendo games i.e. it is priced for $200.

No wonder! The $100 fall has been made against many compromises in the device. Unlike existing Switch, Switch Lite shall not support the TV mode and also does not have a detachable Joy-Con controller. Also, the Lite does not come with the Switch dock.

Moreover, it shall not connect to Bluetooth audio headsets. The device also lacks a sensor for automatically adjusting the screen brightness.

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The new Nintendo Switch Lite has following features:

  • The smaller screen size of 5.5 inches (compared to 6.2 inches of an existing device)
  • Has Wi-Fi, NFC and can connect to extra controllers
  • Has a better battery life
  • D-pad instead of four buttons on Switch’s Joy-Con

This new device can play all the games in the Nintendo Switch library that support the handheld mode. For other games like Pokémon – Let’s Go and, one can connect the compatible controllers wirelessly which are separately available to Nintendo Switch Lite.

On the same day of launch on September 20, Link’s Awakening shall also be coming for $200. The Pokémon version shall be out on 8th November for the same price.

On this Bowser says, “We believe the timing is right when we have momentum,” Bowser explains. “This is the perfect opportunity for us to offer more choices, and to bring more consumers into Nintendo Switch in the third year. When you tie that with the software that we just announced at E3, we’ve got a perfect opportunity as we head into the holiday.”

The gamers are going to have too many options coming for them these holidays. Its time for them to make the best choice.

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