NM Parents charged with abuse of baby

Last year, around early December, a one-month-old girl’s parents were put on 48-hour hold and their home searched after she was admitted in an Albuquerque hospital with a brain bleed and bruising from then suspected child abuse. The baby was shortly discharged. However, things took a turn for serious when the baby was admitted again within two weeks after the initial injury with more than a dozen rib fractures as well as broken limbs.

The couple had told the medical professionals that the infant’s 4-year-old cousin had accidentally hit her in the head with a toy Tonka truck at the home they share with Carbajal’s family. The staff had called the police after finding the girl had suffered “significant bleeding” around her brain area along with bruising on her body and face.

Police contacted Children, Youth and Families Dept., CYFD after a doctor told them “there was no question” the girl had been abused, they also reported that her injuries were consistent with “shaken baby syndrome.” During the police interviews that followed, both parents denied abusing the baby. The father initially told police they had noticed the bruising but did not take the baby to the hospital until hours later when they noticed it had “started turning purple.” While Carbajal corroborated Herrera’s story, the report stated she displayed moments of “inappropriate chuckling and smiling” during questioning.

Police reported they placed the baby on a 48-hour hold with CYFD for “obvious safety concerns”. A State Police officer accompanied by a CYFD personnel also did a welfare check of the couple’s other daughter, an 11-month-old. Who was later taken into custody as the couple “confessed to fabricating the story” of the toy truck being thrown because they “did not want their children being taken away.”

The police of New Mexico State arrested the parents, Andres Herrera, aged 24, and Llamiles Amaya Carbajal, aged 22, this Thursday, January 31st, after a two-month investigation. They were held at the Socorro County Detention Center, and currently, both face two counts of abuse of a child.

What is surprising is that it is unknown why the infant was allowed to be returned to the parents after the first incident itself. When the baby was discharged from the hospital, the doctors had warned the State Police detectives that the infant was “at great risk” for more injuries and a “high likelihood of death” if returned to the home where the abuse occurred without “removal of the perpetrator.”

NMSP spokesman Mark Soriano stated, “The victim and the other children in the home are currently safe and in state’s custody. No other information is available at this time.”

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