No More Picking your Android Phone while working on Windows 10, All the Notifications shall now be mirrored on your PC

For all the Windows 10 users! Microsoft has now come up with a feature that your Windows 10 shall replicate your android phones you are going to be at ease. You need not take your phone to respond actively to every notification that pops-up.

You simply need to have “Your Phone app” in your PC to access the notifications on your phone. Previously, Your Phone app supported regular SMS and pulling photos from your phone if they were properly synced. However, now the app update enables it to manage all the notifications of your Android phone. In simple words, now your Android phone will be mirrored by your Windows 10 PC.

One needs to fulfil certain requirements to avail the benefits. Your Windows 10 shall be updated to April 2018 version or later and the Your Phone app needs to be on version 1.19052.657.0. However, the feature seems to be in its beta version and thus it might take slightly more time to appear on the screen.

The Your Phone app for Windows 10 is available for free on Microsoft Store. The existing features of regular SMS and pulling photos from phone shall work without any barrier.

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