Officials Launched Latest Version of GB Instagram

Several social media apps are prevalent in every side of world. Instagram is one of those popular apps. Millions of users are using this app from years, but they were looking for additional features to fulfill their needs. With the launch of latest version of GB Instagram, you will be pleased because there are many other features added by the officials of this app. I will inform you about all the most recent updates!

GB Instagram

First of all, you can download videos, photos, and stories free of cost with one click. In the past, users can download videos, pictures and stories with the use of third-party apps. Now it is possible to download and save anything from Instagram without using third-party apps free of cost.

Moreover, you can use two Instagram accounts on the same device as everyone wants to use two Instagram accounts on same machine because of different activities. They want to keep privacy related to their personal life that’s why they want to use two Instagram accounts separately for business and their purposes. So, it is possible for the users of Instagram with the use of this latest version.

Do you want to change the theme of your Instagram app? I know that millions of Instagram users want to change the subject of the Instagram app because it is very frustrating to use the same app many times a day with the same theme. In this new version, there is a feature included by officials of this app.

If you want to increase your Instagram followers quickly, then you should share your Instagram posts on other platforms directly. I know it was not possible to share the URLs of your Instagram posts in the past, but it is possible now with the use of the latest version of GB Instagram.

Everyone comments on posts in his/her language. But everyone can’t understand the language of comments. That’s why Instagram users were using third-party apps to translate comments. Now there is no need to use any third app for turning comments, but you can translate comments in your desired language with one click.

You can also copy Instagram comments and bios free of cost without any third-party app. I hope you will enjoy all these features of this latest version. If you have any queries, don’t worry but let me know! I will guide you more. Thanks!

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