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If you offering energy drinks and health supplements to your children or teens, it may be high time you would need to take a few precautions. A recent study has indicated that an energy boost in certain circumstances may not be a good option.

“Very concerning” is what a researcher, Flora Or, ScD, at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Massachusetts and the study’s lead author summed up the findings of the study. The researcher further added that

“Our results indicate that dietary supplements sold for weight loss, muscle building, and energy can be extremely dangerous and are linked with severe medical injury and, in some cases, death in young people who use these products,”

It may be a good idea to take care of a few precautions before taking any energy drinks. it may be an excellent idea to consult well-known research and review services to gain a better insight into how to choose your energy boosts and health supplements.

The current study has vindicated the previous studies on the same topic and has proved that health supplements in some conditions may need a more thorough understanding and study. It has been found that more than 12000 people had to go for treatment due to over utilisation of the health supplements and energy boosters.

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The recent study has indicated that you need to exercise caution, especially during summer. It has been found that the energy drinks can have adverse effects if you tend to be in the hot for a longer time. Another issue they can create would be that they can interact in a not so good manner with your regular medications if you are using any. One of the major issues that they can develop is arrhythmias, which is an abnormal heartbeat.

Do note that a moderate use can be something that would not create any hassles.

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