‘Pokémon Go’ players can finally fight against each other

Over the past few hours, Niantic Labs has actually flipped all the switches and now the players of Pokémon Go in various countries can go ahead an engage in PvP battles. They will have to reach at least level 10 before taking on the fight, but as Niantic Labs, it limits the CPs for competing Pokémon by actually dividing them into leagues for keeping the things balanced.

Real-time battles among the players is what people have been anticipating ever since the augmented reality game was launched in the year 2016, so it could give new energy to a player base which has dropped off from its peak. If you play, you will be able to fight with people from your list of Ultra or Best friends no matter where they are located, while the fight with others has to be done in person.

If you would want to take on the computer then you can also go ahead and fight the team leaders of the game to gain rewards. Either way, you would like to save up on in-game resources such as Stardust and candies, using them for unlocking new Charge attacks ahead of battles for characters such as Dragonite or Tyranitar can cost you 75,000 Stardust and 75 candies.

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