Promise Day 2019: Quotes and Greetings

Promise day

Promise day is the most important day of the valentine week. It gives you a chance of assuring your loved ones how much you love them. The types of promises you make to them show, you deserve them. Go out and make sweet promises and keep them up for your life.

When people are in love, they don’t need words and promises, but love is not forever. At a certain moment, you have to find words which will bind you together. Ponder and ask yourself, what promises should I make? I will list some of greetings and quotes for your help.

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Promise Day Quotes and greetings

“I promise, I won’t be like others. I will treat you with the respect and love you deserve. I promise.” Happy Promise Day!!

I am positive that I will love you for ages. I promise. Happy Promise Day!!

“I am ready to grant your wishes instead of breaking promises I made to you.” Happy Promise Day!!

I am not certain that things will be perfect. But, I will never leave. I promise. Happy Promise Day!!

When I met you, I felt my life is full of promises, and with time it felt as my every wish is being granted being with you. Happy Promise Day!!

“You are important to me. I think if there is anything that will last forever, it is that. Whether we separate, stay in touch or rarely speak again, you will always be that little someone I do care for, that I would sacrifice everything to protect and keep safe.”- Beau Taplin

“I promise not to go away if you promise to stay.” Happy Promise Day!!

You promised me a future which I can’t live without you. In that future, you are the one whom I want to share my happy incidences. Everything fun gives me the thought,”she should have been here with me.”

I promised myself that I would never fall in love. But seeing you standing there with your bright smile and glittering eyes, love has never felt so right. I promise. Happy Promise Day!!

I promise to you that these flighty feeling in my stomach when I get after seeing you will never go away. They will always be there with dancing butterflies. Happy Promise Day!!

Just promise me you will think of me every time you look up to the sky and see a star.-Eminem

Promise me; you will always remember how much I love you. Happy Promise Day!!

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