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Rental Show 2019

It has been 16 years since Rental show was held in Anaheim, California. Rental show 2019 is again returning to Anaheim which will span from February 17 Sunday to February 20, Wednesday. The rental show is an annual event.

Rental show

The Rental show or ARA show is the American Rental Association’s convention and trade show which is a great platform for rental professionals to expand and expose their business. It exhibits construction/industrial equipment, general tool/light construction equipment and party/special event equipment. Moreover, rental specific seminar options and pre-show workshops on specialized business elements will be put up. Currently, all the exhibition space is sold out. But, you can opt for waiting for exhibitions.

The Rental show is closed show which means that only those people can register who are into equipment and event rental industry.

Why should you attend the Rental Show 2019?

  • With a wide show floor and more than 700 exhibiting companies, rental professionals and newbie are sure to get benefited.
  • More than 300 show specials
  • Rental Show holds a variety of networking events which will let business people in the rental industry connect with their peers.
  • Educational seminars

How can you make most of the Rental Show 2019?

Have a plan

There are several useful resources which you can use like ‘The Rental Show App’ to pre-plan your motif of attending Rental Show. You should have a plan in mind beforehand. Your idea behind attending the show may be ‘increase your networking or attending some educational workshop,’ but it should be crystal clear. There may be some friendly salesperson who can drag you into a long conversation, and you know that this is not what you came for. Being vague will not help you.
Having a plan helps a lot. It saves time, and the team knows what to look for and search. The team can discuss what they covered and what is remaining to search.

Attend the exhibitions with employees

If you have a business, it will be advantageous to attend Rental show with employees. Here is what Ron Nebelsick, president of Best Rental in Fort Collins, Colo said in last Rental Show
“My biggest benefit of attending is to have as many of my staff with me as possible. It is a win-win,” said Ron Nebelsick, “The employees benefits with training from the seminars, networking with others in the rental industry and sharing successes in handling problems encountered back at home. They see the professionalism of the rental business from several sources. Attending makes them better employees, which then translates into happier customers.”

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