Business has launched Runway Suitcase – a travel blog that delivers rich, informative content to travelers.

The age we live in is called, the digital age which has changed all the ways of living and even consumer preferences. The travel industry is no different. People go online and research a lot before booking hotels, and deciding the place for their tour.

Gone are the days, when we used to shop by visiting one or two shops as there were fewer choices but now, there are tons of choices online which you can access just by clicking and typing on your computer or even your smartphone.

Google studied consumer decision making for travel and found that online research plays a critical role in a buyers’ journey. Research also says that online research has a great role in improving consumer confidence and reduces purchase anxiety. Research helps users get excited, gives customers confidence and helps customers have the best experience. Replace and Return process are also very easy when you shop online. is an award-winning online travel company which was founded in 2014, the company is on a mission to bring the human touch back into the world of online travel. With an inventory of over 500,000 hotels worldwide and 24*7 support, it has seen rapid business growth.

Although there is no scarcity of online content, finding the right content at the right time makes all the difference. In the travel space, consumers rely on a variety of sources such as travel blogs, review platforms, and social media for information.

Keeping these things in mind, has launched Runway Suitcase – a travel blog that delivers rich, informative content that helps travelers in bookings.

The blog covers a wide variety of articles ranging from 2019’s top travel destinations to spring highlights this year. In addition to covering destination-specific content, the blog features helpful tips such as staying healthy on business trips and finding the right hotel that accommodates children with special needs.

“We want our blog to empower travelers to make the right decisions. Our strength lies in the diversity of content that we create and share”, says Yatin Patel, co-founder of Runway Suitcase caters to travelers looking for the next hot spot, practical travel tips, or the latest travel trends. wants to bring the human touch back into the world of online travel. With a vision to provide travelers with personalized experiential travel planning

Encounter popular destinations as the suitcase rolls around the world and shares tips, tricks, and top activities to enjoy in each location. Follow along for the ultimate travel blog. is also rolling out the R.Club, an exclusive loyalty program that offers our valued customers special discounted rates and access to our trip-planning experts. Our travel advisors are vastly knowledgable about creating itineraries and are available to help members design the perfect vacation.

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