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Results of the ‘10 Day Mental Diet’

Over the past couple of years, there’s been a challenge to control the thoughts inside your mind. First created by Tony Robbins, in his book Awaken the Giant Within, it’s called the 10 Day Mental Diet. It’s basically not allowing any negative thoughts to enter your mind for 10 days, when and if the negative thought does enter, you immediately replace it with positive ones.

We caught up with former Pittsburgh Boxer Derek Candelore of who recently completed the challenge for a second time around to get his take on it.

Derek said “I was surprised that it wasn’t any easier than it was last year. This Mental Medicine is amazing, everybody should do it, it’s a challenge and it creates positive thinking habits.”

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So how does it work?

“We each have around 70,000 thoughts per day, often times we think negatively and brew internal hatred. The goal is to control your thoughts and not allow any negative thoughts enter your mind, and to be cognizant enough to catch the negative thought as soon as they enter your mind and replace them with positive ones.”

“For instance, let’s say somebody is pissing you off, and purposely trying to get under your skin, instead of thinking you hate the person, or you wish them harm or whatever goes through your mind that is negative. Instead, you think about the positive qualities of that person. Or, if that’s even too challenging at the time, change the channel and think about your kids, or something happy, positive or neutral.”

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“I have done this for years, but never on this level of Mastering the Mind to where the goal is not to have any negative thoughts enter at all, which is nearly impossible,” Derek said. “Think about it, if someone is driving like an idiot and cuts you off, or someone you already don’t get along with is starting their nonsense again, those are triggers.”

“I did really well as the days went on, day 2 was the toughest both times, old habits trying to reappear, you know. I just basically said, sorry negativity, you don’t live here anymore.”

“The cool thing I noticed was that I found myself talking negatively less, complaining a lot less and surrounding myself in the light.”

“If I began to struggle with the challenge, I went here: to watch her video to keep me on track.” Derek Noted.

“This time around, I’m running a very busy company, working 16 hour days, managing 6 other guys, multiple jobs at once, working out for an hour and a half a day, and restricting my carbohydrates, so it was even tougher.”

So, all in all, it sounds like Derek Candelore enjoyed this Mental Challenge but admits it’s tough to make it through…

“Try it sometime, and watch your World around you shift into positive experiences. It not only about your thoughts about ignorant people but also about limiting thoughts, the I can’t do that belief.”

Thanks again to Derek Candelore for taking the time to give us his 10 Day Mental Challenge Results.

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