Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha Online Flirting

If you are a fan of Rob Kardashian and Natti Natasha, you would not have missed this. We are referring to the flirty exchange on Twitter between the two of them from around the first week of June, and there have been multiple messages doing the round, leaving the fans in splits and sometimes wanting more.

As of last Wednesday, the flirting between Rob Kardashian And Natti Natasha continued on social media. While he was seen appreciating her as a singer and she was found reciprocating the feelings with a similar level of affection. The flirty exchange of messages on Twitter was a great option for the fans to want more and more of it. Some fan even suggested them to begin dating one another!

However, whether the fans liked it or not is something challenging to gauge. Of course, there were plenty of messages that is gushing with excitement, while some of them teased Rob Kardashian whether he really understands the songs sung by the Singer.

Some fans began suggesting them to date. Have you tried reaching out to her bro and You will make such a cute couple were a few comments that appeared excited at the thought of seeing them dating, there were a few who asked if Rob understands Spanish because the song he claimed as his favourite was all in Spanish.

It all began, perhaps, on June 3. That was when Natasha posted a mirror selfie of herself almost in the nude. Rob Kardashian commented in an indication of his appreciation, and it was since then that duo has been exchanging flirty comments between themselves. While we do not know whether his mother is happy with it or not, we hear that the sisters, Kim and Khloe have been understood to be supportive of him.

So, fans – what are you looking ahead to? Will they begin dating? Will they be a cute pair in town? Well, that may be something we need to wait and see. A Dominican American couple – interesting enough it would be!

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