This Rocket Scientist To Solve The Problem Of Highly Underpaid and Unemployed Engineers in India

The plight of engineers in India is not something they will feel proud of themselves. In fact, the Indian engineers have been quite underpaid, and most of them are unemployed. The primary reason for the unfortunate situation for the graduate engineers has been the burgeoning number of engineering colleges and inadequate coursework.

What caused this huge influx of engineers in India?

It has more to do with the industrial revolution that took place in the 1980s. This created a huge requirement of technical knowledge and experts to work in factories. The boom was witnessed, especially in the case of electronics, computer science, and the automobile industry.

This requirement caused a mushrooming number of colleges and without a focus on the proper understanding of the supply and demand needs. A recent survey indicated that 80 percent of the Indian graduates are unemployable. This has more to do with the lack of requisite skills and an overload of unrelated coursework.

In such a situation, it may be a silver lining to know more about a person who has defied the concept and has evolved as a role model for the unemployed and underpaid engineers in India.

Meet Akhil Turai – A serial entrepreneur and a hope for the Indian engineers

Yes, we are talking about Akhil Turai, who is a multi-millionaire rocket scientist. A serial entrepreneur, he has been involved in setting up a few startups that can help the underpaid, but talented engineers.

Right now, he is on two projects as part of his startup plans. These will be based on Space and Engineering genre and are set to take up a start in 2021. He aims to resolve some of the issues that have been ailing the developing nations in addressing the space industry at large. He is concerned about the debris being thrown in the space and has plans to deal with the junk created in space and address the issue concerning the space vehicle launches in the future.

Yet another area that he is interested in and want to launch his new startups are in the realm of medicine. He is waiting for the two startups in the space and engineering to take to a start and then will focus on the medical field. He has plans to bring in the revolutionary changes in the field of medicine.

There are a few other plans up his sleeve, and one of them is to revolutionise the life of the common citizens. He has claimed that his company name and plans will be revealed in November 2019, while the hiring process for this engineering-based startup is going to start in February 2020.

The minimum package that an engineer working for his startup would expect is 12 lakhs per annum. It will be the golden day for the Indian engineers when the company gets operational in the year 2021, and we are sure Mr. Turai will be the one who will keep inspiring the Indian engineers as well as students to achieve success and be relevant to the demand of the industry at large. He also encourages other entrepreneurs to take the initiative and take India to a brighter future.


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