Root Canal Treatment – A few factors you should know


Root Canal – that is one word that most of us get dreaded about. The term is associated with pain and a lot of apprehensions, and frankly speaking, most of it is imagined. But the recent advancements in the endodontistry have made it possible that almost every root canal procedure these days comes with little or no pain in the post-operative stages. 

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Visit any dental clinic in NYC, and you will be pleased to find the dental patients emerging with happy faces out of the operation theatres. 

What is a Root Canal? Well, to be precise, a root canal is not a therapy but a part of a teeth. The part consists of nerve tissues, blood vessels, and a host of other elements referred to as the pulp. The root canal therapy essentially consists of clearing this pulp. The endodontist cleans and decontaminates the region and then fills up this place with a rubber-like compound. After the root canal is performed, the tooth is practically dead. The nerve tissue and the infection has been removed, and you will never face any sort of pain in this tooth. 

But is it painful? 

Well, contrary to the popular belief, the treatment, if carried out by a professional dentist, would not inflict any pain. The local area is numbed through the use of anesthesia. The purpose of the treatment is to alleviate the pain, not to make it painful. 

There are several new-age technologies in use when handling root canal treatments. Some of the unique techniques used in the modern root canal procedures include radiography, operating microscope, ultrasonics, and fiber optics. These tend to reduce the pain associated with or after the treatment. The advanced technologies developed in recent times have been able to address the root canal treatments effectively and help them treat the tooth-related issues in a comfortable and quicker manner. 

If you think you need a root canal, visit the professional endodontist today and never be worried about the pain. 

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