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Rose Day: Beginning of love week – Quotes and Greetings

When the new year comes, January goes so fast keeping up with your new year resolutions and maintaining your planner. Then, we enter into February which is considered to be the month of “Love-ria” syndrome.

Deals Of The Day! #Valentine's Special

Lovers seem excited to share their love openly. So basically, February is giving us a chance to show Public Display Of Affection(PDA) without being leered at. This love week is the full-fledged planned week for lovers exclusively. You can extend it to any kind of love. Be it your mother, whom you can send a message or greeting card or your partner.

The beginning of the lover’s week is marked by Rose day which starts from 7th Feb and extends itself till 14th Feb. Of course, we know 14th February is Valentine’s day.

There is this story that if you rearrange the words of rose to “EROS” and eros is Greek god of love. Roses symbolize passion and virility. If it is starting your relationship, then you should gift red bouquet to your lover. If you can pick up the orange rose, then it is a win-win because orange rose stands for attraction and infatuation.

Committed relationships should look out for red and white roses.

Rose Day Greetings and Quotes to Send to your Loved ones

1. You came in my life with the fragrance of happiness. You are as beautiful as a rose. Happy Rose day!!

2. “There may be a lot of flowers in a person’s life, but there can only be one rose, that is real.”

3. “Roses are red; violets are blue. Your spine is out of alignment, let me adjust you.” Happy Rose day!!

4. “The first man to compare the cheeks of a woman to a rose was obviously a poet; the first to repeat it was possibly an idiot.” – Salvador Dali

5. Sending you a bunch of roses on this day to express my love for you which is as deep, pure and beautiful. Happy Rose day!

6. Every bird can not dance, but Peacock does it. Every person cannot reach my heart, every flower can not express love, but rose does it. Happy Rose Day!!

7. You, of course, are a rose. But were always a rose. Happy Rose day!!

8. Stop and smell the roses which I sent for you with deep love because it reminded me of your exquisite beauty and lingering fragrance. Happy Rose day!!

9. “Everything rough become delicate when you love it. More roses, more roses, more roses.”-Juan Ramon Jimenez

10. “You taught me touch of roses, and caresses of life.” So, here are a bunch of roses which can never outshine you but will tell you, how much I love you. Happy Rose Day!!

For all the single’s out there, here is a bunch of roses from my side:

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