Samsung Announces Latest Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung is making a comeback in the tab business with the release of its latest product called Galaxy Tab S6. Galaxy Tab S6 is a high-end Android tablet by the company that reveals Samsung is not giving up on its tablet game. The tab designed by Samsung serves two purposes, it provides entertainment plus it’s also informative. The tab by Samsung will be in direct competition with Apple iPad Pro and Microsoft’s Surface Pro.

Galaxy Tab S6 will be launching on September 6th. The price of the product is said to be $649. It comes with a pen input like its other competitors and it gives us an option of connecting the optional keyboard case. When it comes to memory, the device gives you 128GB of storage along with 6GB of RAM. There’s another version of Galaxy Tab S6 available in the market that gives you 256GB storage along with 8GB RAM and it costs $729.

With 16:10 10.5 inch OLED screen, Galaxy Tab S6 is currently the top of Samsung’s Android tablet range. By trimming the overall thickness and weight of the product, Samsung has tried to give it a thinner and lighter look. It is currently 5.7mm thick with a weight of nearly 420 grams.

The total number of speakers in the device is four, two on each side. The product holds Snapdragon 855 processor with 7040 mAh battery that according to the company is capable of running the tab up to 15 hours. It also comes with a dual-camera system that contains 123-degree wide-angle lens.