Save Animals – PETA for Ban on Live Animals as Mascots

The organization striving for the animal rights – PETA – has demanded a ban on the use of live animals as mascots at the sporting events. In fact, the organization has been against the use of live animals since long, but a one of a kind of an incident in recent weeks has made it reiterate its stance once again.

This has a lot to do with the Sugar Bowl event between Texas and Georgia where the two mascots were indulged in a fight of their own. Bevo, the mascot of Texas barged past a metal barricade towards Uga – the mascot of Georgia. However, Bevo – large Longhorn steer tried attacking the Bulldog Uga was controlled just in time by the handlers on the animal. Fortunately, Uga was not harmed.

The incident was videoed by the onlookers and soon went viral.

PETA released a statement making it clear that it stands by its demand for the ban on the use of live animals for the mascots at any of the sporting or other events. It released a statement that condemned the incident and went on to add – “This frightening near-tragedy is yet another example of the reason most colleges and professional sports teams retired their live-animal mascots decades ago—and the handful who haven’t yet should quickly follow suit,”

Given the dire scenario where Uga or even the humans standing nearby would have been killed or trampled upon, PETA has called upon the Texas and Georgia teams to learn from the incident and retire the live animal mascots at the earliest.

The demand is indeed truly meaningful. In fact, the human mascots with paints or masks can be more entertaining and can even pose for pictures or can even cheer the respective teams. They can be fun than the petrified animals which can go out of control looking at the crowd, and the noise, cheers, and chaos at the ground.

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