Sean Borg Hits Back at “So-Called” Fashion Faux Pas and Plans Trip to Meet Netflix TV Chiefs in Mumbai

Fashion Debate: Fans prefer Sean Borg looking Suave in a suit.

Lifestyle and travel expert, Sean Borg made headline news this week after he revealed his struggles with getting older.

The article that appeared on Australia’s website — ‘The Daily Scanner’ lead the TV personality to hit back at negative remarks on social media, after fans critiqued him for dressing ‘too young.’

The set of paparazzi photos show the British TV personality looking relaxed and casual in camouflage trousers as he walked his Japanese Chin dogs — Olive and Eli, in Los Angeles. 

Fashion Faux Pas? Looking casual in camouflage pant that created an online divide

His style choices seem to have created an enormous divide online with fans, some of which loved his look, and others hated it. They suggested the star should dress more appropriately for someone of 52-years-old.   

One fan wrote: #hatethosepants — I don’t like those pants on you, you look a bit silly in them; you look suaver in a suit!!! #Bigfashionfauxpas

And another, defending the celebrity, said: Sean, do not listen to them; you look fantastic for 52. I wish I could dress like that and get away with it!!!! You look cool! #Lovingyourlook!!!!

India’s №1 news website LatestLY.com reported that Borg, who appeared on the hugely successful FOX TV news show — TMZ, in America, laughed off the comments, saying: “At least I can pull this look off, not everyone my age can.”

Sean said: “I didn’t understand why people hated this look so much,”

“I think you can still get away with wearing, say, camouflage pants in your fifties and look good…with the right approach, this is,” he continued. 

Sean laughed off negative remarks as Netflix India show interest in the British personality

‘LatestLY’ also announced exclusively, the well-known media figure has plans to visit India for business meetings in early 2020.

Sean, who is fast becoming a celebrity in India’s entertainment media, and famous for the Trivago advertisements, is planning a trip to Bollywood in the New Year to meet with Netflix TV chiefs in Mumbai.

Spokesperson, Akhilendra Sahu, who represents the branding and style ambassador, said: “Sean has a love for India like no other country in the world, its people have embraced his work, and he is excited to visit early next year. He is thrilled to have this opportunity.”

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