Serverless Security for AWS LAMBDA

Serverless Security is a typical pattern shift in the way applications are developed in present days. In these years, when technology is leaping multiple folds, the adoption of systems and functions that are swift and easy to use has become a trend.

The serverless security technology has been adopted by the AWS LAMBDA as it is cost effective and does not require a team of experts to handle the functions. Serverless helps protect applications in a new way; it creates a new solution for addressing the unique framework. The AWS Lambda Security has been upgraded recently.

The challenges faced by the serverless architecture were identified by the aqua serverless security. By aqua serverless one can keep the application compliant. Potential security potholes can be traced by aqua serverless security, and it also provides options for policy enforcement. Anomalies that are based on the behavioral model are identified and overcome with this security system.

Serverless security is ensured as the code is automatically analyzed in the AWS Lambda. Also, the attack surface is minimized, thereby maximizing the application security by the use of serverless functions. Serverless systems make it hard for attackers as the execution of functions happens almost within no time.

The AWS Lambda function-time is too short to provide optimal security. This is a challenge faced by attackers. Time is a crucial aspect for attack; developers focusing on keeping short time executions for functions have been achieved by the employment of serverless system. AWS Lambda, which is based on a serverless system, helps in building secure applications.

One using the AWS Lambda needs to only worry about the code while, computer fleet is managed by the serverless system. The current serverless framework lets one develop own functions and manages the infrastructure. It supports a number of languages too.

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