Simple Plan’s “Singing in the Rain” international award-winning lead actor Matthew Sauvé directs casting session for the upcoming Netflix series “Age of the Samurai”

Many people know what they’re passionate about since a very young age, and a few take measures to pursue it as a career. But for the rest, the realization dawns much later. However, when we do realize what we’d love to do for a living, the fear of failing, and the resistance to leaving comfort sets in. But the question arises: is it worth taking the risk?

International award-winning actor Matthew Sauvé would tell you it is absolutely worth it.

Following his brother’s footsteps, he joined the police department in 2002. Matthew says, “Growing up in a household that wasn’t big on the arts, I felt it simply wasn’t an option. After a 12-year career in policing, I could no longer resist the quiet voice inside of me calling me to where I belonged. I simply had to follow my heart. This led me to quit policing altogether to become an actor.”

Oddly enough, Sauvé’s policing career resonates with his acting career as well. The Canadian actor has played a few roles as an officer of the law, detective, deputy, and sergeant. Nothing can beat having real hands-on experience when it comes to acting.

In the five-year period, he has been nominated for the Best Lead Actor category 13 times and of those instances, he has walked away with the prestigious awards 7 times. The fast-rising star also played the lead role in Simple Plan’s music video “Singing in the Rain.” Sauvé’s popularity grew even more as the record climbed the U.S. charts on Ryan Seacrest’s weekly Top 40, and the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

In such a short span of time, Matthew has been a part of more than 40 film and television productions. He is best known for his performance in the dramatic short film “One Night Stand” where he played the lead role of ‘Travis.’

In February 2019, Samurai Age Productions hired Sauvé to direct a 2-day casting session for the upcoming Netflix series Age of Samurai. Sauvé says, “Directing the casting session for Age of Samurai was great! It not only widened my experience in the industry, but I also got to interact with a lot of talented people. You can learn a lot from others, the bigwigs, and the novices!”

While Sauvé’s acting/producing career is impressive in its own way, he has made a mark as a coach too. Matthew hosts acting workshops for kids at Kamera Academy to contribute to the development of young actors.

The talented actor’s career switch is truly inspiring and encouraging. It goes to show that it’s never too late to chase your dreams. Starring in two productions in-the-making at present, Sauvé is an actor we must look up to.

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