Siri Accused Of Recording Confidential Conversations Of Users Without Consent

Siri, the virtual assistant by Apple that helps the users in simplifying the process of operating the phone is accused of recording their conversations without the consent. The consumers have absolutely no idea that everything they share is getting heard by various people. The people hired by Apple to track the performance of Siri are able to hear about everything you talk about on the call. The company is facing a lot of fire right now for disrespecting the privacy of its customers.

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A lawsuit is filed against Apple for their such behavior. The live-action lawsuit filed against the company is causing Apple lot of damage to its reputation. The Guardian has reported that Apple is violating some of the user privacy policy by recording the conversations of its users through their virtual assistant called Siri. Apple has not even informed the users about such thing and they have been continuing the practice without their permission or at least knowledge.

After the case got reported Apple has acknowledged the issue and released a statement regarding the privacy policy of their consumers. The company said that they are suspending the grading program of their virtual assistant which will make sure that they are not violating any rules of the privacy policy.

A similar case was reported earlier where Alexa by Amazon was accused of recording the conversation of people. Alexa is the digital assistant by Amazon that is installed in Echo Speakers through which the company was able to hear the conversation of thousands of people.

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