Spyware hacking: The Israeli firm stands answerable for the Whatsapp attack

Amnesty International is suing the NSO Group

After the recent cyber attack on Whatsapp which saw users receiving a voice call which installed a surveillance application on their phone and then left no trace of the call ever coming in the NSO group, has been accused and a lawsuit has been slapped on the security firm.

Amnesty International has filed a lawsuit in Israel which says its team has been monitoring since the attack on Whatsapp.

The group is also submitting a petition to the Israeli government to revoke the NSO group’s export license, the group is a cyber intelligence firm who was accused of creating the software that breached Whatsapp.

Whatsapp now controlled by Facebook said

The breach might be targetting human-rights organizations and the spyware that was deployed, Pegasus was developed by the NSO Group.

The company filed an affidavit in the Israeli court that read, ‘Staff of Amnesty International have an ongoing and well-founded fear they may continue to be targeted and ultimately surveilled.’

A major stakeholder in the NSO group is the British investor and philanthropist Stephen Peel who own Novalpina a company that owns a controlling stake in the NSO group. 

He stated that he and his company are ready to do whatever it takes to ensure that the company that they fund, the NSO Group and its technology is used only for the purpose for which it was created.

Further continued saying, we would want to ensure that the technology that id developed is not used to cause harm but rather preventing it. 

Not just that but also to prevent the harm to the fundamental human rights arising from terrorism and serious crime and not abused in a manner that undermines other equally fundamental human rights.

However, the NSO group has refused to provide any statements on the prevailed issue.

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