Starbucks looks to drive up sales with cold drinks

The new summer line up will focus on cold drinks to boost sales

Starbucks has decided to stick with a winning formula and focus on its range of cold drinks. Research shows that the colder drinks brink in sales throughout the year, surprisingly even during winter where one would be expected to prefer a warmer beverage. This affinity of customers show towards these cold beverages has inspired many an innovative introduction to the menu.

There is an option like the cold foam, the Nitro Cold Brew and others which are available across more than half the stores across the United States, and Starbucks targets a nationwide availability by the end of the year. Much to the joy of the investors, the customers are not hesitating from choosing the pricier drinks like the Cloud Macchiato.

As a result of this, the company reported a very positive sales growth of 3% which is greater than the 2.9% that it was expected to achieve. The idea of cold drinks attracting customers throughout the day is something that the company wants to capitalize on. The afternoon performance in the latest quarter was the best it has been in three years.

On a conference call with the analysts on Thursday, the COO Roz Brewer said that the non-Reward members tend to buy more of their cold beverages. The summer chain that is going to release soon will be a game changer and analysts are predicting profits going through the roof. Some of the people though are worried that Starbucks will forget its roots in a piping hot pot of coffee. The future of the cafe seems bright as they continue to make bold moves to maximize profit.


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