The Foldable Phone By Motorola Has These Attractive Features

Motorola Razr has finally launched in the market and it exclusively became the trending phone on the Internet due to its attractive features. Motorola Razr is the first foldable phone by the company. Although the idea of launching a foldable android phone was first launched in the market by Samsung but this phone seems to beat Samsung because of its very many attractive features. The Lenovo owned company has produced a really unique phone with attractive design and features. The reason why Motorola Razr is most likely to beat Samsung is because of the availability of an aftercare facility by the company, and its design which is comfortable and equally attractive.

Photo Credits: My Smart Price

Foldable phones are a bit risky because it can have various problems with the display. When Samsung first launched foldable phone, it got discontinued after a while because of some serious blanking of display but with Motorola phones, you will get aftercare service that means whenever you will face any problem or issues with the phone the company will provide full support.

Another reason why the Motorola Razr is highly recommended is that the phone has smartly incorporated a folding design without compromising the core smartphone experience. Motorola Razr is the first-ever foldable phone that the people are actually interested in buying.

The phone comes with 6.2-inch panel and when you fold the phone, you are left with 2.7-inch display. The phone provides you with the option that you can open the notifications and even reply to it.