The Journey to Self Discovery

Many wonder how to get to the true authentic self. The true authentic self has always existed inside of you under all the layers of everything life has taught you and all the opinions, roles, and expectations others have bestowed upon you. In order to get to the journey of self-discovery, one must be willing to go deep inside, analyze your core truths and values, and set out on a self-discovery journey. Here is how Denny Hamann stumbled upon his self-discovery journey.

Denny Hamann started piano lessons at the age of 5, having studied under numerous teachers and at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. He has always had a good ear for music, finding it much easier to play by ear than by the written music. As a young man, he put his music aside and devoted all of his energies into becoming a Veterinarian and building a successful practice. This is the same path many take in life; doing what they think is best for them and burying that true passion deep inside. Denny Hamann found out that you can only do that but for so long.

That lasted until his mid 40’s crazies hit, and he realized his unmet dreams to create music. He believes that his dream is meant to be shared with others around the world. His passion was there all along but it was a light that was dimmed and passed over. Music is a form of healing and making people feel emotion. Things he has gone through in life are in his music to motivate others to seek out their unmet dreams and live life to the fullest. His story is also a motivation to all that it is never too late to live out your dreams. He began his journey when he entered his mid 40’s, and discovered a bigger world than he had ever known. He sold his Milwaukee Veterinary Practice and gave up all that he had. This radical move was made to discover all that he could be.

He bought a converted Greyhound tour bus from a rock band and headed west to discover who lived inside his body and who he wanted to be when he grew up. Some people spend their lives just doing what was expected of them and then at the end regret doing so. He wanted to make sure that he unlocked the true potential he had sitting inside of himself every since a young man. He named his bus “Pegasus”, the winged steed of Mercury, only ridden by the god himself, or wanna’ be poets like himself. “Pegasus” became his magical steed, transforming his life from all he had known, to carry him to all that he could be.

His journey into self-discovery was ultimately a fulfilling journey. He had mentors and wise words bestowed upon him to navigate his way. Some of the words that have encompassed his journey are,  “Be still and hear the quiet voice within”, and “Go deep inside, discover your highest good, and bring that forth to share it with the world”.

The self-discovery journey often times leads to a development in spiritually and this was seemingly so for Denny. Throughout his experience, he said that learning to trust and believe in the goodness of the universe greatly helped guide his path and actions. This higher power has a way of working things out for you when you least expect it and also taking care of your every need as you learn to increase your faith. He used these lessons as his compass as he navigated his way to his authentic self.

Some things that we all can adapt from Denny, is his gracious way of looking at life. He believes that life is an incredible journey with many doors to open, rooms, and hallways to explore, leading to more doors to open and so much more to explore.  He encourages others to risk and open oneself to the doors of the universe and explore serendipity. As well as to find the courage to open the door to their dreams, live them, and discover all that the universe has to offer. He lives by the words that each day is a wonderful gift to unwrap and experience. Denny is truly a free spirit and is living his dreams.  He understands that we live in a place where dreams are born and eagles soar. We should start living a life that many envy; but in order to do so one must not fear spreading their wings to achieve such. He chooses to go where most men only dream of; take his advice and spread your wings today in order to make the life you dream of a reality.

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