The Stages of Mobile App Development Explained

App development is by far one of the most highly sought-after services in the world. As more and more day to day routines become integrates into apps, more businesses and brands are now looking into how they can leverage apps for their business objectives. Although apps might appear small and uncomplicated to the naked eye and the inexperienced developer, there is actually a lot that goes into app development.

Before you can proceed with any development however, you should understand that app development is a business. As such, if you want your business to succeed, you must come up with an actionable plan that can allow you to succeed.

The stages of app development explained

The research process

All apps are created from a single idea. Therefore, before you can start building your actual app, you must first work on refining the idea to ensure that it is viable. Sadly, not all ideas, even the best and most creative ones, have the potential of becoming great apps. Only extensive research can help you determine whether an idea is worth pursuing or not. During the research stages, you need to define the aim an objective of your app, which will then allow you to calculate the amount of time and money it will take for successful mobile app development to occur. Learn more about mobile app development at Fan Studio.

Carry out some mental prototyping

Once the research process has been complicated, you will then need to prepare a detailed scope of work, which will involve mental prototyping. This will involve laying out your ideas in a physical manner on a sketch or a whiteboard. Having this visual representation will help you discover any initial problems with your idea and it will also allow you to ask for opinions from others.

Assess the technical feasibility of the app

You will need to understand if your app idea is feasible technically or not by getting access to public data that you can do by sourcing public APIs. During this time, you must also determine which platform you want to use for building your app so that you can determine the technical requirements based on whether the app is Android or iOS.

Build your prototype

Once you figure all these components out, you will then need to build your prototype to see how the actual app will perform and flow. Building a prototype will help you assess whether you are in the right direction and it will also allow you to show something to your stakeholders and investors so that they can continue to fund the development process.

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