Thinking of Starting a Company?

Becoming an Entrepreneur is beginning to become more desired due to the high costs of Post-Secondary Education. Although many students believe going to a traditional 4 year School, grinding it out while working at a Restaurant to pay their iPhone bills is just a humble beginning for them to one day become a CEO for a company and reap all the benefits.

In today’s day and age, there’s more ways to start a business and reach financial stability without earning a bachelor’s degree. You’ll first need to immerse yourself in the Industry you’re choosing to dive into, have a support system and tons of perseverance. For Pittsburgh, PA entrepreneur, Derek Candelore, owning a business was the only way to go.

Do you possess an entrepreneurial spirit needed to succeed in Business?

When you decide to jump into your journey of Business Ownership, be sure it is something you want to do for many years. The creation of a company is extremely different from working a corporate 9 to 5 or a Union Job.

There are many more responsibilities and potential stressors that can come with business ownership over a Job. If you’re dreaming of being your own Boss, and motivated to start creating your own brand, remember – don’t doubt yourself.

“Business Owners work 24/7,” said Derek Candelore. “You have to burn the boat. Meaning, there’s no other option, you can’t leave the Island, you’re forced to make it work or you will drown. You must outwork your competition in Marketing, Communication, Delivery of Product or Services, Professionalism, Quality, Image and much more. You have to know there will be time away from the family, disappointment, losses, pain in the ass clients, sleepless nights, rejection, second guessing your entire project and risking everything you have. You can’t just jump in uninformed, unmotivated or half-assed.”

What’s the Reward of owning your own Business?

“Would you like to make your own schedule and never miss your Children’s Soccer Practice or Dance Recital? How about getting paid 4-5 times in one week? How great would it be to choose the people you get to work with and work for? How good does a $65,000 month sound? How about accomplishing your tasks and seeing your work compile accolades from Industry experts? Wouldn’t it be great to write off mileage, meals, cell phone bills, work supplies? The rewards are massive- but only when you turn the corner and arrive as a major player in your Industry, which will take time.”

What’s the formula?

“In my opinion, a Trade Business, like Plumbing, Carpentry, Brick Laying, Painting, etc. are dying industries. The young kids have no interest in that kind of work, while the ones that have been doing it well for many years are retiring or dying. To me there’s a huge opportunity there. If you can sell and deliver, you can move to the top quickly. Market your company online, not necessarily Facebook, but more on Google. It’s the most used search engine, you must dominate Google for the phone to ring, then you must be a sharp closer and either have top notch laborers or be able to deliver the labor end yourself.” Added Candelore.


For more from Derek Candelore, his Personal Website Address is Drop him a line some time, you won’t be disappointed.

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