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Life isn’t fair. While some have it rough, others have it easy. You are fortunate if you don’t have to worry where your next meal is coming from. However, a large section of society has to struggle to earn their daily bread.

One such person who faced extreme poverty and rose from the ashes is Jeffrey Almanzar. You may recognize him from his rap name – ‘TK Bands’. Born in Brooklyn, this 24-year-old rapper believes he has a ‘fresh prince’ story and he isn’t wrong there. When he was younger, Jeffrey was getting into too much trouble and eventually he had to move out of his neighbourhood to a quieter, suburban area. However, luck wasn’t about to favour him just yet.

Jeffrey sought escape in music when he was at his lowest. He says, “It all started the moment I picked up a pen and penned down my frustration. I noticed myself writing long pages about how I was feeling. Those long pages soon turned into poems which I eventually made into songs. I feel like people have to hear my story! I make music to make money and express my trials and tribulations. I am determined to see a better day for my mom and myself. I stay on my hustle, out late nights and early mornings just to get my bread right. I’ve made and accomplished so much, yet it’s still not enough.”

Jeffrey has been performing for about five years now, but he believes that his journey has just begun. What started out as going to a studio and recording one of his songs gave way to his friends appreciating his music and encouraging him to perform at different venues. There has been no looking back ever since. In just a matter of five years, Jeffrey has had the opportunity to perform with well-known artists like Don Q, Jay Critch, Uncle Murda, Shelow Shaq, and Chimbala. In fact, his most famous song – Never Heard Of – features Uncle Murda.

While Jeffrey hasn’t won any awards yet, he has tasted success through his music. His music has made him popular and he is filled with happiness and pride when people request him for pictures or ask him for his autograph. But things haven’t always been so sunny for him. He dropped out of school at the age of 15 to work odd jobs and help his mother make ends meet. Jeffrey started with selling whatever he could get his hands on and then he took a job washing dishes in a local pizzeria. However, he soon realized that a 9-to-5 job wasn’t for him. And that’s when music stepped into his life.

Jeffrey believes that slowly but steadily he is making his way into the rap game. From where he is standing, the music industry is just waiting for him to happen! Signing off, he says, “When life throws you curves, you learn how to maneuver. When a caterpillar falls, it rises above everything that’s around it!”


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