Top 5 Exercises for Obliques

An interview with Derek Candelore

We interviewed Pittsburgh’s Derek Candelore to ask him what exercises have been most effective for his Killer Obliques.

In No Order

  1. Side Planks

“This exercise primarily targets obliques, but also works the entire core.” Candelore says. Lay on your side with your feet on top of each other and your forearm below your shoulder. Engage your core, raise your hip until your body form a straight line and hold for 1 minute to 1 and ½ Minute, then switch sides.

  1. Russian Twists

“Russian twists will work your entire core and will target the obliques,” due to the twisting motion, Candelore says. Sit down at a 45 Degree Angle with your knees bent and your feet on the floor, hold a medicine ball or dumbbell, anything 10 pounds or greater while having both hands by your waistline and twist to the right and left and a rapid pace.

  1. Trunk Rotations

“Trunk rotations are amazing for the core and target the obliques nicely.” Candelore Says. Begin in a plank position with your core engaged and squeeze your butt during the exercise. Next, you squeeze, bringing your left knee toward your right arm by with a slight torso twist, similar to a Mountain Climber motion but slower while rotating knees.

  1. Side Bends

“This movement is slower and controlled as well and targets primarily your obliques only but does hit entire core.” Candelore Tells us. Begin on your feet, keeping your feet shoulder width apart while holding a moderately heavy dumbbell in your hand. Engaging your core, bend at your waist toward the floor, pull from your core while bringing your body back up and rotate sides.

  1. Boxing

“Boxing, to me, is still the best core builder that exists.” Candelore says. Whether hitting a heavy bag, focus mitts or sparring, combination punching, especially hooks and uppercuts come directly from the core. Obliques are targeted when throwing hooks with correct form. Make sure you are firs taught proper form prior to beginning Boxing.

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