Top 5 New Trends in CES 2019 – The List to Look For

It is once again that time of the year, and we are in for the CES 2019. The largest tech show of the world is here, and we are in for a surprise, hopefully. So, what can we look forward to at the CES 2019 this year? One of the most likely trend we may look forward to can be the 5G Connectivity and factors thereof.

What new trends can we expect at this year’s CES 2019? Here is our Wishlist 

1. Google Smart home

Google had made its intentions clear about its focus on the Google Assistant and Smart Home Speakers. Looking for an opportunity to fight with Amazon’s Alexa, Google will look ahead to take the lead over Amazon.

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Amazon has traditionally not ventured at the CES, and thus Google can hope for a wide opportunity to offer services that take on Amazon Alexa. In fact, Alexa already has more than 75000 skills and Google will definitely look to force itself on.

2. 5G Connectivity

Networks have already been claiming that they are ready for the huge leap onto the 5G bandwagon. But, as things stand as of now, we do not have many smartphones that have been able to take advantage of the revolution.

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We expect the year 2019 to be focussed on 5G – both from the perspective of networks and smartphone manufacturers. Apart from phones, we may expect the companies showcase the other capabilities that 5G can bring about. This can include smart homes, health apps and a lot more.

3. Technology focus on Health and Fitness

This isn’t a new trend, but with a focus on 5G – we expect it to move beyond what it has been today. The health and fitness technology has moved beyond pedometers and smartwatches. The CES 2019 may now expect a broader range of health-centric apps and tools.

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One of the key areas is the sleep technology. There have been a few inroads being made into the sleep wearables. There have been talks about the technology encompassing mattresses and other noise reducing devices. Smart air purifiers are yet another health-centric innovations.

4. Self Driven Cars

This has been one of the areas that all of us technocrats have long been waiting for. Google and a host of other players had shown an active interest in the concept and claimed that they are actively involved in the development of the automatic cars.

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Once again, the 5G technology has been one of the strongest points that have fuelled this technology. In fact, the high-speed communication provided by the 5G bandwagon has been capable of redefining the communication between two vehicles, a vehicle and the infrastructure and everything around it. The 5G connectivity can have serious effects on the auto driven vehicles and bring in more interest in the realm.

5. AR will go to new heights

AR or artificial intelligence is the new game, and CES 2019 will definitely be receiving a huge boost from that perspective. Launched amid much fanfare, the technology appears to have faded off in recent times.

Of course, AR is still important and has been playing an active role in many of the technological innovations. We would expect the manufacturers and developers to come up with new options of AR – especially in the health and fitness arena.

Well, those were our hopes into the CES 2019 based on what we have followed over the past year in the realm of technology. Things should be clear when the event kicks in. So, let us wait with bated breath.

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