Toys ‘R’ Us Debuts A New Website But You’re Really Buying From Target

Target is bringing Toys R Us online again and we are excited. Recently it was announced that the retail store Target is going to power the website of Toys R Us. The revised website is and you can now buy your favorite products online through this. After reaching the website when you add products to the cart and later checkout, so at that time the website redirects you to Target’s website.

The CEO of Toys R Us, Richard Barry, revealed in an interview with CNBC that they are combining the two together in order to boost the sales of their products. Target is one of the best known retail stores in America and they can gain profit through them by combining their website with that of Target’s. Well, let us tell you that the sites are not combined instead you will just have to go through a simple redirection process that will happen at the time of checkout.

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Though it is still unclear how the revenues are going to be divided between these two companies. Toys R Us has declared bankruptcy in January. They closed most of their stores in the US and UK last year. And that is why the company is trying to rebuild the business with the help of Target.

The new website is more than just a website. They are going to be some changes to the website that will serve as an upgrade. You will find different guides and reviews there. Along with these, you will also get to see some videos.


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