Twitter warns possible account takeover, recommends update immediately

If you are n Android and using the official Twitter app, you should immediately update your app. Twitter has begun sending in emails to the users on a possible “account compromise”. The microblogging site has made claimed that the issue has been resolved over a few weeks ago. However, the site has been encouraging the users to update the app to be more secure.

The popular social media site made the announcement and a sort of appeal through its blog post. It has said that it does not have any “evidence that malicious code was inserted into the app or that this vulnerability was exploited,”.  However, it has also been considering it a little safer to update the app which now comes updated.

Twitter suspects that hackers may have gained access to the profiles and this could have been done through a back end process. Once they gain access to your profile, they would be able to send tweets and messages on your behalf.

The hack is not quite straightforward and involves a very hectic and complicated back end process. This would make it quite unlikely that it may have affected you or for that matter, has affected any of the users. However, it would be practical and efficient to make sure that you have updated the app to ensure the perfect choice. Twitter has already released an update to its Android app and asks the users to release the update.

So, head on to the Google Play Store and update your app.


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