Valentines Day – February 14

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February 14 – perhaps that’s the day every youth in love looks impatiently to. The Day is celebrated as the romantic holiday and liturgical celebration in almost all parts of the world. Actually commenced as a western tradition, the day now finds itself being celebrated almost in every corner of the world. The day is named after a Christian martyr Saint Valentine and celebrated as the commemoration of the love between the companions.

Valentines Day

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The History of Valentines Day

The day traces its history to Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD and has several legends associated with it. One of the popular and perhaps the one closer to the truth is about one Saint Valentine who refused to obey the orders of Emperor Claudius II.
The emperor is believed to be opposed to the idea of men getting married as he thought the marriage does not make them good soldiers. He helped many young men to get married secretly. The Saint was killed by the emperor and thus the day is celebrated in his honor and martyrdom.

How is the Valentines Day celebrated?

There are several ways you can celebrate the valentines day. Whether you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, or even if you are married – you can make the day memorable enough. In fact, the entire Valentines week is a tribute to love and affection.
Lovers exchange gifts and goodies in remembrance of their love for each other. Single men and women express their love for their beloved and confess their love for one another. Several clubs and discotheques host special events. These events are accompanied by thumping music, candlelight dinners, and other romantic settings.
Make your beloved feel they are special and give them the gift of the cultural, religious, and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love.
So, what are you waiting for – enjoy the day with your beloved and share the extremely noble feeling called love and spread its awareness to everyone around you.
Saint Valentine sacrificed his life to make us understand the essence of romantic love. Let us pay our tributes to him by spreading love… all around the world!

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