Valentines Week – Hug Day, February 12

The Valentines week is moving to its logical culmination on February 14. The 5th day of the Valentines Week falls on February 12 and celebrated as Hug Day. Hugging is an expression of love, and obviously, the day is perfect for its honor. The day encourages the two people in love to hug each other and share their feelings.

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How to celebrate the Hug Day?

Hugging is one of the unique modes of expressing your love. In fact, it is a gesture of showing how much you care for them. What other options would you ever think of than grabbing the person into your arms and telling them how you feel about having them as your love. In fact, you have to hug someone or vice-versa to understand the feelings and expressions that can be conveyed through an embrace.

Science has proved that hugging a person will help you lift their mood. An embrace raises the levels of Serentonin which in turn makes a person happy. It can be one of the excellent means of charging the emotional being of a person and in turn, strengthens the immune system. Remember – you are hiking a person’s self-esteem by hugging him or her. If a person is feeling depressed or lonely, a hug can be a rejuvenating effect on him or her.
Weren’t those a few good reasons for enhanced experience and feelings for hugging someone you love? If your loved one lives away from you – it may be a good idea to give them a virtual hug through the messages.

Enjoy your Hug Day and make sure to share the experience

Give away a few bear hugs to your beloved and remind them that you love them from the corner of your heart. While a hug brings the two persons close together physically, it also enhances the mental proximity between the two persons.
So, what are you waiting for? Go for the Hug day and enjoy it to the fullest! If you are separated by a distance, you can share the virtual hugs through the romantic messages through social media or instant messengers. Go ahead, give your beloved a tight hug on the day and the experience you enjoyed as a result.

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