Valentines Week – Kiss Day, February 13

The penultimate day of the valentines week is here and we are in for Kiss Day. While there is another International Kiss Day celebrated on 6th July, but our focus for today should be on the Valentines Week Kiss day being held on the 13th February. A kiss is an important part of a relationship. It, in fact, binds the lovers much stronger. Before you ask your beloved to become your valentine for the life together till eternity, seal the bond of relationship with a kiss.

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Kiss Day – Why is it so important?

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Kiss, as we said, is an important aspect in any relationship. Of course, it makes you feel good, but – in addition, it also has several benefits. To begin with, it lowers your blood pressure. Since it releases certain hormones, it also helps you reduce bad cholesterol.
Kiss releases a good list of feel-good hormones and that is exactly why it is so important for the couple to kiss as often as possible. Moreover, the hormones also have a long-standing effect of strengthening your bond with your partner.
Maybe some of you are about to kiss for the first time in your life. Don’t be nervous. As they say – the first impression is the lasting one. Why not watch a few videos on how to kiss naturally? But then, everyone has his or her own style.

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How to celebrate Kiss Day?

By kissing passionately, how else? Well, jokes apart, make sure you are making your kiss day special and memorable – both for you and your partner. In fact, a kiss can be one of the best options to check the compatibility of your partner with you.
This can help you measure the compatibility and initial attraction of your beloved with you. It can be a good idea to prepare for the day by sending in the kiss day messages and images.

Kiss Day SMS/Messages

  • Kissing you is like a drug to me and you are my addiction I CAN’T LIVE OUT YOU… I LOVE YOU MY LOVE…
  • When you can’t explain your love with your words your lips does it all, with a smile on the face of your love …
  • Love and kiss are significant because when u love u express and when u express is when u kiss… HAPPY KISS DAY
  • A Kiss is just a gesture of love and affection which comes from deep within the heart and touches deep within the soul…

So, don’t waste time. Engage in the best ever kissing day for an enhanced experience…

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