Valentines Week – Promise Day, February 11

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Love is all about how you make promises and most importantly, how you keep them. Valentines Week is about love blossoming and how can we expect it to go without something related to the PROMISE? Yes, there is a day dedicated to Promise through the Valentines week and it is held on February 11 every year, referred to as Promise Day. The lovers make promises to keep in touch with each other and make their life together with a real treat.

Promise Day

How to celebrate the Promise Day?

Well, there can be no better way to celebrate the Promise Day than making the right kind of promises and keeping them up. And yes, ensure that you make those promises that you can keep up with. Making the kind of promises that you won’t be able to keep up can lead to the end of the relationship.
Girls will definitely love the promises that her man makes to her. Rather than making those promises in a dry tone, how about arranging a candlelight dinner or planning a similar ambiance and read out those promises to your beloved? Of course, you can accompany your promises with a bunch of roses or a heart-shaped gift of any nature.
In today’s world powered by social media and instant messengers, you can share the promises and the messages through the mediums like SMS, Facebook, and WhatsApp. But, we would focus on personalized contact and promises for an enhanced level of relationship. Make it a grand celebration and enjoy the day together promising things that you would love to do for each other.

A few Typically interesting Promise Day Messages

Promises – if you are planning to make them through social media, a few good options can be

  • As and when you will need me, I will be there to help you under any circumstances, I promise, I will never leave you and you will never ever feel alone
  • I may not be able to promise that I will solve all the problems you face, but I will promise you that I will ensure that you will have none!
  • There are some things you need not promise, but you just you do.. And I promise you a whole lot of them
  • You have made several promises to m. But the one I like the most is that you will never let me go!

So, don’t keep waiting here. Promise your beloved that the promises you make to her or him will be fulfilled always!

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