Vein doctor Mason Mandy- 5 things you need to know about vascular health

There has been a lot of awareness on the importance of vascular health, and most people are working hard to protect it. There is no doubt that a well-functioning vascular system can delay the onset of various life-threatening illnesses such as stroke, heart disease, cancer, and even dementia. Dr. Mason Mandy, a vein doctor at Metro Vein Centers, shares some expert advice on the steps you can take to protect this important bodily system. But first, let’s see what’s a vascular system.

What is a vascular system?

Vascular system, circulatory system, and cardiovascular system are often used interchangeably to refer to the heart and the 100,000 miles of blood vessels in the form of capillaries, veins, and arteries. The blood vessels form a close network for moving blood, and the heart pumps the blood around the body. The closed-circuit also comprises of the lungs where the exchange of gases occurs.

Why do you need to take of your vascular system?

It is important to know that vascular diseases are the main cause of fatalities across the globe. These diseases include coronary heart disease and stroke. These cases have been observed in both developing and developed countries, including the U.S.

We have made exceptional strides over the last few years, and the number of deaths caused by vascular diseases has declined. However, the diseases have left hundreds of people with a damaged brain, heart, and other forms of disabilities that affect the limbs.

What can you do to improve your vascular health?

Vascular diseases are caused by various factors that include modifiable and non-modifiable factors. Non-modifiable factors include old age and cases where the disease runs in the family. Fortunately, we have control over the modifiable factors, and this is where you should channel your energy to improve your cardiovascular health. The two things that can make an impact on your vascular health are exercising and quitting smoking.

Spare at least 30 minutes daily to perform simple exercises such as walking, jogging, and other workouts that will keep your body active. Smoking harms not only to your vascular health but the general body health. Stress is also another risk factor that can take a toll on your vascular health. Other modifiable risk factors include high blood sugar, blood pressure, blood cholesterol, insomnia, and being overweight. You can greatly improve your vascular health if you control these factors.

The role of diet in your vascular health

Changing your diet can help in preventing vascular diseases. There is no doubt that what goes through your mouth is naturally linked to your health. Here’s what to do- avoid processed food, refined sugar, and excess salt, and consume plenty of fruits and vegetables. Minimize the consumption of animal products since they contain high amounts of saturated fats. Instead, go for alternative healthy foods such as oily fish and nuts.

How often should you go for a vascular check-up?

Dr. Mason Mandy recommends that individuals should go for vascular checkups a few times a year. Simple things such as blood pressure tests and weight can tell if you are in good shape. Most people don’t need detailed tests unless the doctor believes they have symptoms of vascular disease. The symptoms of concern include breathlessness, chest pain on exertion, and palpitations.

Metro Vein Centers

Dr. Mason Mandy is among the many vascular health specialists working at Metro Vein Centers. The vein doctor has been in private practice for almost a decade. Dr. Mason Mandy runs Metro Vein Center’s clinic in New York.

Dr. Ali Meslemani established MVC in 2006 to help individuals suffering from various vascular diseases, including varicose veins. Today, Metro Vein Centers run clinics in New Jersey, Michigan, Texas, New York, and Pennsylvania. They specialize in the treatment of spider veins, varicose veins, and other venous conditions by use of the latest minimally invasive technologies.

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