Want to be successful in your startup? Hire the employees who have experience!

It has been proved beyond doubt that startups tend to get more successful if the promoters or employees have a high degree of experience. In fact, we have found that the minimum age that a person has started a startup and become successful ranges between 42 and 45. Of course, there may be exceptions, but it is a fact in many cases. There are several reasons that would be aiding this.

Yes, the experienced persons tend to have money from savings, and then the experience and wisdom gained over the years. So, if you are really planning to launch a startup, make sure you have enough experience yourself or hire people who have a great deal of experience themselves.

In essence, we would indeed find it practical enough to create a start-up with a team than trying to make it a reality as an individual entity. While you may attempt bootstrapping your startup by working in a full time or part time job, it may be a good idea to take assistance from the experienced people who can take it ahead, thanks to the experience they have collected over the years. They can also invest in your business if you really can promise better returns. If you want to learn more about the startup ideas, you can read more from here.

The essence of the trick is that the team brings in more versatility and more points of view to a situation that you may come across in the course of your startup related activities. Studies have indicated that it is a good idea to opt for teams than a singular startups. It has been established that the startups powered by teams tend to be successful by around 160 per cent when compared to the startups run by a single promoter.

If you are building a startup, make sure that you are opting for the right candidates for your team. Ensure that you have the experienced mentors, marketers and builders. Building a startup isn’t an easy task. If you really want to make it big, make sure you combine your enthusiasm and the experience of your team a great combination.

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