What to Bring on a Family Camping Trip

Family camping trips can truly be the most treasurable times that you’ll spend with your nearest and dearest. You’ll be making memories for life whilst you explore the outdoors and bond with all your loved ones, sounds idyllic? That’s because it is! However, it’s not all rainbows and picture perfect group smiles. Sometimes, camping with the whole family can get tough, however, there are ways that you can significantly reduce your stress levels and increase everyone’s enjoyment – bringing along the right gear! Knowing exactly what to bring for your next family camping trip will maximise the whole experience for the whole family. Read on for a comprehensive guide on what to bring on your next family camping trip:


A camper trailer is the perfect investment to make for the family that loves to camp and adventure. It’s a big purchase so before you dive in, be sure that you’ll be getting sufficient use. You’ll enjoy extra storage, comfy beds and some add on luxuries that will make you forget that you’re not in your home! For a home away from home for the whole family, consider a camper trailer. The best family camper trailer will be one that’s comfortable, roomy and safe for everyone.


This refers to cooking and safety items that will help you to have the best and most fuss-free trip possible. Bring along your cutlery, a knife, chopping board, tongs, skewers, dish washing liquid, rubbish bags, containers, oven mitts, folding table, mugs, saucepans and a bottle opener. Consider some extra measures such as a first aid kit and a Swiss army knife.


This one is pretty simple, bring along clothing that’s comfortable and protective, but nothing too precious. Outdoor adventuring is a perfect way to spoil some of your favourite threads, so try and avoid packing you and your kids’ most loved items. Of course, always remember everyday essentials like undies, socks, pyjamas, waterproofs and swimmers. This category depends heavily on what time of year you’re camping, pack for all elements to be prepared for any occasion!

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Storage is essential. You’ll need storage containers for food, kit, games, pretty much everything that’s in this guide! Try and find some sturdy, tough boxes that will be able to withstand a little wear and tear. It’s a really great idea to colour code your storage system, this way you’ll be able to find your bits and pieces a lot faster.


Bringing along food is simply a non-negotiable fact. Plan out your meals, down to the finest detail, before you go. This way you can buy exactly what you need without any waste or mealtime shortcomings. You can get your kids involved in meal planning, and they can even help with some preparing and organising before you hit the road. Consider the camp ground that you’re heading to and the kitchen facilities available to you, usually non-cook meals like salads and sandwiches, are the best way to go.


Games are a great way to maximise the fun factor of your getaway. Pack away a few board games, a pack of cards and bring kit for some active games as well!


These are the items that you wouldn’t go away without. The most important essentials for camping include sunscreen, bug repellent, toilet paper, shower shoes, tooth brush, soap, shower bags and anything else you might need to keep yourself safe!

You and the family can enjoy your next adventure all the more by preparing your camping essentials before you head off! Start your list today to up the organisation of your adventures now and way into the future too!


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