What to Wear Skiing: The Ultimate Skiing Apparel Guide

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Skiing is all about feeling free, taking on whatever the day throws at you and experiencing what it really means to be alive. However, to achieve these incredible feelings, you have to secure a few staples first. By kitting yourself out in the right clothing, outerwear and footwear, you can actually enjoy being in the winter weather. Let’s face it, skiing spots are cold, really cold. Most often, they’re freezing, so you need to be fully equipped to ensure that you’re as safe and comfortable as possible. The right gear means the right experience, and here’s what you need to have it:


Your thermals are going to keep you warm for your entire trip. You’ll need them whether you’re boarding, skiing, exploring or even sleeping. Find thermals that have a nice blend, merino wool is great when your trip is going to be action packed as its very breathable.


Lightweight, flexible and waterproof pants are a must. Opt for an insulated pair to keep your legs layered with warm, protective fabrics.


Throw a vest over your thermals for an extra layer of warmth. These aren’t ideal for wearing underneath a jacket, so use your vest on warmer days off the snow or find a lightweight model to sneak another layer in if needs be.


A well-made, good quality ski jacket is integral for any skier. Whether it’s a men, kids or women ski jacket, you can find a great item to invest in. Look for pieces that are made from Gore-Tex to keep warm in any conditions. This is also a great opportunity to show off your personal style, with a whole world of different designs, colours and patterns, you’re sure to find the perfect jacket for you.

Head Wear

Your headwear is your beanie, balaclava and neck warmer (for ultimate warmth!) These are essential for keeping warm on the colder days out in the snow and for all your activities off the snow as well. Find well made, insulated hats to keep your body up to temperature, Coal makes great beanies for winter weather.


You’ll either want socks made from high grade wool blends, Ice Breaker is great for this, or heated ones. Battery powered heated socks will keep your toes toasty, dry and happy all day long. They’re a bit of an investment but they are amazingly useful.


You absolutely will not be having the time of your life if you have aching, freezing cold hands. Secure yourself some insulated, winter weather gloves that will last you long term. A thermal glove lining is a good idea if you suffer from a little bit of poor circulation or for night time.


Your helmet needs to be solid, because it’s what keeps you safe. Your safety is the number one thing for you to be investing in, over experience, style, everything. Find an ergonomic helmet that’s created especially for skiing, it will be with you for a long time and it will keep you out of any potential scrapes when you’re tearing up the snow.

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For skiing and boarding, you need proper vision. Goggles will keep your eyesight clear and precise so that you can be as aware and sharp as possible whilst you have the time of your life.

Snow Boots

Proper boots are needed for proper snow. You’ll need to invest in technically advanced, performance driven, well designed boots that fit you well. You can always replace the lining if that doesn’t work for you, but the fit and feel is really important for you to have the right experience.

Now that you’re well aware of all that you need to ski, get out there and have some fun! With these items behind you, you’ll be ready for anything.

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